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by coincidence or by design
a loki laufeyson fanmix

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i. DRAG | placebo
you possess every trait that i lack,
by coincidence or by design
you're the monkey i got on my back
that tells me to shine

ii. FLAKES | florence + the machine
they don't teach these things in school
they just lay down the rules,
which are there for you to break

iii. WHY DO I KEEP COUNTING? | the killers
am i strong enough to be the one? [...]
if i only knew the answer,
i wouldn't be bothering you, father

iv. THE HAND THAT FEEDS | nine inch nails
got your chin held high,
cause you do what you're told
but inside your heart,
it is black and it's hollow and it's cold

v. DONKEY KOSH | florence + the machine
little donkey is getting restless,
getting heavier as it grows
and the jackal, spoiled and spiteful
keeps biting at my nose

vi. BLUE LIPS | regina spektor
and all the gods and all the worlds
began colliding on a backdrop of blue [...]
blue, the most human color

vii. THE BONES OF AN IDOL | the new pornographers
you hold the cup you've been searching for
since you were young
when you still had the bones of an idol

viii. OBLIVION | patrick wolf
oh, my stubborn son,
i know you said you need no one
but don't you see danger, danger, danger
headed to oblivion

ix. LITTLE SHADOW | yeah yeah yeahs
closer, shadow, volume strikes
still we're caught between all this sorrow,
little shadow

v. ICARUS | santigold
lure me down, scold me
i want all that i can take

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