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for reference for myself and recommendations for you, i'm archiving my favorite fics here. these are the ones from television fandoms. i only mention the length of the fic if it's really long or in multiple parts. if it's not there, assume drabble to decently-sized oneshot.

any dead links are replaced with pdfs. assume i have every fic as a pdf; you want one, just ask. i lost too many good fics relying on ppl not to delete. if i have not made a pdf, it will say pdf.


title: a family of not quite geniuses (i always wanted to be a bluth)
focus: Michael Bluth/Lindsay Bluth-Fünke
summary: michael. lindsay. the bluths. secrets and lies and lies about secrets and lies about love. mexico. model home. manhattan. neither here nor there. arrivals and departures, a funeral, no wedding, the paparazzi, a bad lawyer, everything in between. in sum: a series of botched attempts at a happy ending (don't fret; they'll get there eventually).
link | pdf

title: a family tree without leaves (donny and marie never behaved like this) ★
focus: Lindsay Bluth-Fünke, Lindsay Bluth-Fünke/Michael Bluth
summary: unaired scenes set to the tune of cliched and overused plot devices; or, in other words, the most dreadful comedy of all: how and maybe why Michael Bluth (the reluctant hero) and Lindsay Bluth (the tragic heroine) began (continue and end) an ill-advised love affair.
notes: this fic has influenced my own writing like... so much
link | pdf

There’s this sentence Lindsay never says. To anyone (least of all to him, but that’s to be assumed).

It goes a little bit like, ‘do you love me?’ because, really, let’s not be silly nor naïve: Lindsay Bluth is one of the most desperately insecure women you might ever have the misfortune to meet.

But, you see, this isn’t the kind of family where words like ‘I love you’ and ‘sweet dreams’ are exchanged; it’s a family where honesty crops up in the oddest of places, and maybe that’s why Lindsay Bluth doesn’t say a word on the subject.

She buys a pair of shoes instead.

title: twelve stories told (only) with a cocktail in hand: a romance forty years in the making
focus: Michael Bluth, Lindsay Bluth-Fünke/Michael Bluth
summary: this, Michael Bluth would say, is the worst romantic comedy ever told. but - he'd tell it anyway.
link | pdf


title: and eventually the stars will be revealed
focus: Lewis Nixon, Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters
summary: Nix has also grown to hate the moon, this is the strangest development that war has somehow wrought on him, down to some inherent slip of something that is his being, now, he used to be the type to reel off lines of Shakespeare about the moon to pretty girls wearing too much lipstick and blouses that unbuttoned easily. Lewis Nixon wanders through the war.
link | pdf

title: falling faintly
focus: Lewis Nixon, Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters
summary: Nixon can't feel his feet or his fingers, his consciousness oddly divorced from his physical body, and that's a lot like intoxication. Bastogne fic.
link | pdf

title: i say no world can hold a you
focus: Lewis Nixon, Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters
summary: lewis nixon: on marriage, and leaving, and how to waste a perfectly useless yale education on dick winters.
link | pdf

title: It Happened One Night
focus: Lewis Nixon, Lewis Nixon/Richard Winters, slight Carwood Lipton/Lewis Nixon
summary: Nixon gets the chance to do the day before the big jump over and over and over (or, Every Fandom Needs Groundhog's Day Fic).
link | pdf

title: these, our bodies possessed by light (tell me we'll never get used to it) ★
focus: Winters/Nixon
summary: They draw together seamlessly, without explanation.
notes: i've been crying over this for actual, literal years
link | pdf

He squeezes harder; squeezes until his knuckles turn white. Dick turns his head to face him and he smiles, just a little bit; like he understands. He probably does. Dick always understands him. Somewhere in-between the constant screaming of dying men so young they haven’t even had a chance to live yet and the never-ending sound of gunfire, he’d become fluent in the language of falling apart; fluent in the language of Lewis Nixon.


title: a plastic man of steel ★
focus: Barry Kripke, Barry Kripke/Zack Johnson
length: 18,805 words
summary: Kripke is pretty much okay with this weird little friendship he has going on with Zack and Stuart (really, he is, believe it or not). That is, until one evening when Kripke comes home to find he's been broken into and Zack offers him a place to stay. After that, everything starts to go upside-down; Stuart doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut and Zack... well, Zack won't stop being Zack. And somewhere in the middle of it all is a Superman action figure who probably knows how to make everything right but he's not talking.
notes: made me care about people i have never cared about before or since, like my god. this is so good.
link | pdf

When Kripke opens his front door (after some strained pulling and a deafening crack as some of the wood splintered more than it already had), bag in hand, something heavy lands with a quiet thud on the short, blue–grey carpet and he leaps back, staring down to see Superman laying face–up, an arm with curled plastic fingers stretched high, his cheap fabric cape pooling underneath him like blood.

He thinks about leaving it there, stepping on it and hoping it breaks, kicking it down the stairs and out into the street, throwing it away in the nearest garbage can.

Instead, he picks it up by the head and shoves it into his coat pocket.

He really, really hates Zack.

A lot.

title: the beauty of your repair
focus: Penny, Penny/Stuart Bloom
length: 3 chapters (last two optional)
summary: "You know, this is technically our third date," she says. "So, you know. We could." He gives her a steady look. "Are you inviting yourself in for coffee?"
link | pdf

title: The Platonic Proximity Progression
focus: Stuart Bloom, Rajesh Koothrappali/Stuart Bloom
summary: Five times Stuart wakes up in Raj's bed.
link | pdf


title: A Fight So Old
focus: Lilah Morgan, Wesley/Lilah
summary: Season 5 AU. Lilah freezes. She's not very good at advice. "Play it out," she says after a moment. "That's all you can do."
link | pdf

title: bid my eyes be packing with my heart
focus: Drusilla, Drusilla/Spike
summary: When he kisses her lips, she bites into his mouth; draws her heart back out with her teeth.
link | pdf

title: The Bones of the Matter We Live In (Or: Twenty facts you didn't know about Angel seasons four and five) ★
focus: Cordelia/Angel, Wesley/Lilah, Fred/Gunn, Buffy/Spike, Spike/Fred, Wesley/Fred, Buffy/Angel
summary: Hell is strangely like the world above, only without vacation days, weekends, or particularly effective air conditioners. But evil never stops, not even after death, which makes those old mantras of sleeping when dead taste a little sour.
notes: shit i wish was canon, like... god
link | pdf

He whispers Buffy’s name as an apology, because something inside him will always feel indebted to her for the bright afternoon in 1996 when he fell in love with her because she looked like salvation contained in a body not yet fully grown. Falling in love with Cordelia was startling, borderline impossible, but it was so different than what happened with Buffy that it doesn’t surprise him it took him so long to figure out how he and Cordelia fit together. In this difference between the two, tucked away inside of him, he kept his loyalty for Buffy for saving him. Of course Cordelia shaped him and propelled him and created him in ways even Buffy couldn’t, but he wasn’t allowed to say that, let alone think that, not ever. It was against the rules.

But losing his soul with an apparition of Cordelia, not even requiring the real thing to feel that essential spark – well, didn’t that just prove him wrong.

title: Hand-Picked
focus: Lindsey McDonald
summary: Lindsey does believe in love.
link | pdf

title: The Helpless
focus: Kate Lockley
summary: Kate needs an epiphany of her own.
link | pdf

title: Iokaste ★
focus Cordelia Chase in Angel season four.
length: 7,217 words
summary: In the most horrific year of her life, Cordelia struggles to maintain clarity.
notes: reclaiming this season, reclaiming Cordelia's unacknowledged trauma, is such a feat. i'm just so grateful this exists. gives me some peace.
link | pdf

While the Devourer sits cross-legged, ordering Angelus around with a booming voice, all Cordelia can do is watch the Muo-Ping. She can't help herself; the idea that the teeming white mist in that jar is Angel's soul is unbelievable to her. Part of her wants to just pop it open, tip her head back, and drink deep. Suck him down until he's part of her, until they can never be apart again.

title: live to let you shine
focus: Angel, Angel/Cordelia
summary: prompt: love's merciless, the way it travels in and keeps emitting light
link | pdf

title: looks good enough to eat me
focus: Spike/Drusilla
summary: the sex-drugs-rock&roll moments.
link | pdf

title: my god, the way it feels
focus: Drusilla, Drusilla/Spike
summary: His skin will open her up and swallow her whole. If she asks nicely.
link | pdf

title: Personal Canon Ficlets
focus: Cordelia Chase, Buffy Summers, Drusilla, Spike, Halfrek, Lilah Morgan, Lorne, Winifred Burkle
summary: personal canon ficlets for the above characters.
link | pdf

title: the picture of success
focus: Lilah Morgan
summary: lilah morgan in l.a., cleaning up wolfram & hart's messes and sloughing off the stains.
link | pdf

title: Revenant
focus: Lilah Morgan, Lilah/Wesley
summary: It's Lilah's hotel. She earned it.
link | pdf

title: Shards of Night
focus: Illyria
summary: Illyria does not sleep. She dreams of things she cannot understand.
link | pdf

title: Since You Left I'm a Gold Balloon That Wanders High (or: six things you didn't know about Cordelia and Xander)
focus: Xander/Cordelia
summary: The scar from her fall, faded now but visible to the attentive eye, is still the sort of mark she is perpetually conscious of, something she can feel slithering on the surface of her skin.
link | pdf

title: Something Tangible ★
focus: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Wesley/Lilah, Wesley/Fred
summary: Some women are meant to be touched.
notes: these fucking children... these idiot children
link | pdf

He knows she'll never love him.

She knows he'll never love her back.


title: you've got a glow
focus: Mr. Numbers, Mr. Numbers/Mr. Wrench
summary: climb into my arms with blood on your clothes / and you're no one's but mine. vignettes of Wrench and Numbers, from the start to the end.
link | pdf


title: Ours
focus: Pete Eckhart, Kevin Macarthur/Jenny Macarthur/Pete Eckhart
summary: It should be weird, but it isn't. A Pete, Kevin, and Jenny story in three parts.
link | pdf

title: This Definitely Counts as Collusion
focus: Kevin Macarthur/Jenny Macarthur/Pete Eckhart
summary: Pete is having an unusually good season. Kevin and Jenny decide to woo him in order to get his secrets and prevent Ruxin from making the playoffs.
link | pdf


title: Of Merlot and Mistletoe ★
focus: Matthew Kimble, Christine Campbell/Matthew Kimble
summary: That one time Christine and Matthew cuddled under the blanket from the earthquake kit after learning their neighbors were all swingers and Lucy believed in Santa Claus, and then the lights went out; or, why was Matthew really so hesitant to spend the night at Christine's again after that Christmas?
notes: i offered the author a kidney or bone marrow transplant if they needed it so i mean
link | pdf

"Christine... you're not alone, you know. I mean, we still see each other pretty much every day. And this house—It's the center of things. The people we care about. There's a reason they all come here by default."

"Well, it sure ain't my Martha Stewart housekeeping."

"No, it's definitely not that." Christine shot him a dirty look, so he continued quickly: "It's because you're here, Christine. You're our connection to each other. You're the reason we're a family."

A small smile curled the corners of his sister's lips. "Aw, Matthew, you always know what to say."

Matthew smiled back at her. Successes in his therapy practice—from minor breakthroughs to greater triumphs—always filled him with a sense of content fulfillment, but with Christine he felt something more. Perhaps it was pride, that he knew what to say to make his difficult big sister smile; perhaps he was just happy to see her happy. Either way, he was elated whenever she looked at him like that: that way that said he made a difference in her life.

title: Of Missions and Margaritas ★
focus: Matthew Kimble, Christine Campbell/Matthew Kimble
summary: That one time Christine and Matthew stayed up all Sunday night to build a California mission model for Ritchie's school project, and ended up drinking margaritas and dancing inappropriately; or, why did Matthew really almost throw up in his therapist's office?
notes: i'm so grateful i'm not the only sinner
link | pdf

Watching her be silly like that with her kid—making a complete fool of herself in the process, of course—filled him with a sensation both warm and oddly uncomfortable, like being tickled under the chin or going over the crest of a hill too quickly in a car (Christine always did that, just to hear Matthew squeal—still made a game of it whenever they were on a hilly road. It had been a while though. Their corner of L.A. was too flat.)

Matthew couldn’t find a rational explanation for his reaction to his sister’s antics. Her Disney villain laugh and schemes of undermining her ex-husband’s “fun” parenting; the way she flit from one subject to another with the attention span of a five year-old on a sugar high (“Oh! Here’s my razor!”—as she pulled it out of the arts and crafts box she’d brought down for Ritchie’s school project); they should have exasperated him. He went through the motions, rolling his eyes and heaving sighs, but in truth there was always that little tug under his sternum, that warm little “whoop” of going over the bump. And he was totally addicted to it. Addicted to Christine’s crazy.

Well, it kept a weekend without internet interesting, at least.


title: Aftermath
focus: Mark Corrigan, Mark/Jez
summary: Set post-"Wedding." Mark's already ruined his life. Why not?
link | pdf

title: Atypical Flatmate Behavior
focus: Mark Corrigan, Mark/Jez
summary: Jeremy is sexually frustrated. Mark is a person. It was inevitable, really. Cue the awkward, unsexy sex.
link | pdf

title: Ten Years Later
focus: Jeremy Usbourne, Jez/Mark
summary: Ten years, 6 girlfriends, 18 jobs, 4 multi-level marketing schemes, one short-lived attempt to keep a dog and three pregnancy scares later, Jeremy looked at Mark and thought, "Well, why not, then?"
link | pdf

title: Urgently Seeking New Flatmate
focus: Mark/Jez
summary: Fifty one sentence fics on the relationship between Mark and Jez.
link | pdf


title: it all feels right with you around ★
focus: Jared Dunn, Jared Dunn/Richard Hendricks
summary: It's as if he's getting punched in the chest (something Jared has experience with) and then, just like that, Richard walks away, not just from millions of dollars but also from him and he sort of feels like, not only has somebody punched him, but now he's stuck in a lifeboat that's slowly losing air out in the middle of the ocean. It's completely overdramatic, he realizes, but it's also unequivocally the truth.
notes: *elbows you* it feels like i just got punched in the chest, eh? eh?
link | pdf

“—But this is a good idea. I know you'll be successful with it.” Jared says it so matter-of-factly because he completely believes it and Richard just stares at him for what feels like hours, as if he hasn't heard this before or, at least, not said this simply or kindly and he clears his throat.

“I definitely will if you stay.”

Jared feels that punch to his chest again and he swallows hard, wants nothing more than to reach out and grab Richard's hand, just hold it in his own for a couple of seconds and he moves his fingers towards him but he falters, pretends that he was just going to stretch instead.

title: revelations that came unglued
focus: Richard Hendricks, Jared Dunn/Richard Hendricks
summary: "What are you doing?" It's obvious but it's the only question he can come up with at the time. Jared stops stirring abruptly and looks up as if he doesn't know where he is or who's talking to him. Maybe this was Jared sleepwalking because people do that, Richard has seen it happen before, and he's trying to scrounge his brain for what you're supposed to do when Jared says: "I'm making brownies."
link | pdf


title: sweet norse rack
focus: Adam DeMamp, Adam/Anders
summary: When Blake first brings up his new Norwegian roommate, Adam envisions someone entirely different. A chick, primarily. (tiny vague-unrequited-attraction ficlet; nobody does introductions like demamp.)
link | pdf

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